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Best VPN Software 2013

Best VPN 2013


VyprVPN Software
VyprVPN offers a range of desktop as well as mobile VPN software. For the desktop platforms, VyprVPN offers VPN application for Windows as well as Mac OS. However, Linux users don’t get a VPN software option, as the only choice is a manual VPN connection.
For the mobile platform, VyprVPN is available for both iOS as well as Android. The iOS VPN software is particularly innovative and full of features relevant to the user.
VyprVPN terminals are fast, functional, efficient and easy to use. It runs in the background without using much of the system resources. Read our comprehensive VyprVPN review to learn more about the VPN service provider.

Express VPN

Express VPN is a stable and reliable VPN service provider that puts the emphasis on the requirements of the user. This has prompted the company to provide dedicated VPN software for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. VPN software for Linux, is unfortunately, not available at Express VPN, and manual connection is the only possible alternative.
The Express VPN software is easy to use and has all the features necessary to stay connected to VPN without any troubles. It is also easy on the system resources, making it one of the best VPN software in the market. Read our Express VPN review to know more.
Express VPN Software

Pure VPN

Pure VPN is one of the established VPN companies, and certainly knows what they are doing. Being a reliable VPN service, they do follow with the times and offers dedicated VPN software for Windows and Mac. Linux users will once again have to connect via the manual option. There is also a dedicated VPN app for Android OS, which is an excellent tool to connect all android devices over a VPN.
The only problem with Pure VPN is that they seemed to have forgotten all about iOS users. While it is possible to connect to a VPN from iOS using the manual setting, a dedicated VPN app for iOS would have been extremely welcome. Still, Pure VPN does offer excellent VPN software for its users. Read our Pure VPN review.
Pure VPN Software

Strong VPN

Strong VPN is yet another VPN service provider that has created a niche for itself. Strong VPN has a wide range of VPN subscription packages that are aimed at different VPN users. This ensures that users can subscribe to Strong VPN according to their requirements and budget.
Strong VPN also offers dedicated VPN software for Windows and iOS. The interface is pretty intuitive and functional; therefore, Strong VPN is one of those VPN service providers that have a winner on their hands. However, VPN software for Mac, Linux and Android devices are sorely missed. The lack of an Android VPN app with respect to the iOS app does not reflect well on the company. Read our Strong VPN review.
Strong VPN Software Client

HideMyAss! Pro VPN

HideMyAss! Pro VPN is indeed the best VPN on many counts, and their VPN software is also best in the industry. Offering an interface for each the Windows as well as the Mac platforms, the HideMyAss VPN software is brilliantly functional and easy to use.
Linux and mobile platforms are unfortunately left out, but Linux users can request for an alpha version of the command line-based interface. HMA also offers dedicated tutorials for routers, iOS and Android operating systems, and their overall platform practicality deserved a nomination in this category. Read ourHideMyAss review.
hma pro vpn

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